Frequently asked questions

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What if I already have a gym membership?

No problem. Most commercial gyms will allow private trainers to use their facilities if the trainer has their own insurance. You should check with your gym if this is the case.

What are the benefits of personal training?

The benefits of exercise are well documented; increased health and fitness, longevity, improved immune system, increased confidence/self esteem, more energy, less stress etc. The difficulty is getting the correct programme, performing the exercises correctly and being consist in order to get the results expected, most people give up their training and/or diet before they reach their goal.

For these people having a personal trainer is the most efficient way to achieve the results they want. The trainer will design a routine based on the individuals unique needs and lifestyle, will be available to train whenever and wherever the client wishes, provide ongoing support and education, ensure that they are performing the exercises correctly to prevent injury and monitoring progress. A personal trainer will keep you motivated and focused on the your ultimate goal even when you start to doubt your abilities and feel like giving up. The normal excuses for not going to the gym are not available when you know a trainer is meeting you at your home, office or gym.

What time will my personal trainer be available?

The benefits of having a personal trainer is that they are available for you whenever, wherever you need them.

We recognise that peoples' lifestyles vary and that work commitments may limit your ability to find a gym that is open when you are not working. We will fit in with your lifestyle so you never need to miss a workout!!

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