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Meet our trainers at Forma10 who have extensive knowledge in multiple areas when it comes to fitness, stress management and health training

Jon Cookson

Jon Cookson is a qualified fitness and nutritional consultant and the founder of Forma 10.

Jon has been training and advising clients over the past twenty years and has gained vast experience training and motivating individuals from a variety of age groups, vocational and sporting backgrounds, all with different physical abilities.

Between 1992 and 2004 he worked for the National Health Service in England as a psychiatric nurse specializing in Recreational Therapy, prescribing exercise based therapies for individuals suffering from serious mental health problems.

After relocating to Madrid in 2005 and with an ever increasing and diverse clientele requiring a variety of specialist skills, Jon began building a team of professionals that could cater for all aspects of physical and mental health.

Forma 10 has evolved into an international team of doctors, physiotherapists, personal trainers and nutritionists capable of advising on all aspects of physical and psychological health, conditioning and performance.

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